The more we use Reiki, the more aware of its deep spiritual nature we become. 

Many introductory courses sadly do not even mention the word Love or Spirituality in connection with Reiki. Yet to me, that is by far the biggest gift Reiki can offer us.

  • Yes, Reiki does help us feel better physically, sometimes in spectacular ways.
  • Yes, its gentle and caring nature can help us heal deep emotional scars.
  • Yes, our minds do become clearer with regular use,
  • But to me Reiki's most outstanding gift to mankind is that it helps us become our true spiritual selves, the selves our souls intended us to be in this lifetime.

Reiki helps highlight the difference between our 'lower' selves (the result of our responses to life and our conditioning) and our 'soul/ higher/ optimal' selves.

It helps us to gradualy shift from confused or mediocre lower-self driven lives to optimal/ simple/ aligned living.   






To me it is indeed ONE OF THE MOST CHALLENGING TASKS of our lives, but it is also the most real, gratifying, worthwhile thing we can do while in body. The  Inner Peace, Love, flow and creativity that come from this conscious alignment are worth every struggle, every test we endure on the way.   

Reiki helps us KNOW AND ACCEPT OURSELVES, all aspects of ourselves, the beautiful as well as the less glorious or even darker ones. Reiki, this highly concentrated Unconditional Love energy, helps us LOVE and FORGIVE ourselves, forgive those who have hurt us, forgive Life in general.

As long as we keep 'doing our bit', in complete humility and honesty, Reiki can heal us at the deepest level. 



This 'course', or rather this deep journey of exploration, is for anyone at any 'level' of Reiki who LOVES & LIVES Reiki, and is longing to live their life the way their soul intended them to.

Some of us 'Soul explorers' will have done all the levels of Reiki, others may be fairly new to it, but what we will all have in common is our genuine Love for Reiki, a deep commitment to knowing ourselves and becoming our 'optimal' selves, and the courage to learn the -often tough- lessons the Now tries to teach us.   



Although the course is not particularly about developing psychic gifts, new gifts may emerge and old ones expand -provided that is what you wish and that they are meant to, obviously. Reiki always takes a student where they are at and helps them grow at their own pace, so if psychic development is part of your current journey, Reiki is also likely to help with this, in its typically safe way. 



Needless to say this one-to-one Soul Reiki exploration involves no Case Studies, no other assignments, no certificates (!), but a lot of support, gentle guidance and Unconditional Love. Having trodden this path for over four decades myself, I know just how challenging it can be...

Each student treading it will have a completely unique experience. For some it will involve a lot of talking, for others deep meditation, visions, creative expression.

Every session will include receiving healing and a lot of feedback.

It is up to you whether you

  • come for one hour at a time, or two or three
  • just want a one-off session, as a punctual helping hand on your journey
  • or as part of your CPD if you are a therapist
  • or want a number of sessions, at a pace that works for you.
  • You may prefer to meet ONLINE instead. I am very happy with that (though please remember that no Reiki teacher can give attunements or re-attunements remotely).
  • Or you may want to come and spend a few days of RETREAT at OXFORD REIKI. I have two rooms available for people who want to stay over in this peaceful healing place for a few days; as well as one outdoors and one indoors quiet meditation /reiki/ yoga/ writing rooms.. 


You get it...

This is a course for serious students. For people who have already done a lot of work on themselves, but could do with confirmation that they are on the right track and the powerful Unconditional Love and healing from beautiful Reiki to keep them going.

Please talk to me if you deeply resonate with this at soul level and would like to discuss any part of it.









   'REIKI for LIFE'

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