Everyone agrees it is impossible to get a sense of what Reiki feels like or is about until you experience it first hand.

That is why I am very happy to offer one-to-one Taster Sessions, during which I give you a 30-minute or full hour treatment, followed by a chat about Reiki or the course you are interested in. (please see fees)


Alternatively some clients who have had several treatments from me have asked whether a friend of theirs who is also potentially interested in Reiki could possibly come and observe their treatment.

They are most welcome, provided they are open minded and their presence does not distract from their friend's treatment. 


To find out how other people describe their experience of Reiki and/or of working with me, please read their Testimonials.


Taster Sessions are also appreciated by people who are already attuned to Reiki, and understandably wish to meet me as a healer and teacher if they are hoping to continue their Reiki journey with OXFORD REIKI.




   'REIKI for LIFE'

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