I was born and brought up in France, took an Honours Degree in English at the University of Haute Bretagne, an M.A at the Sorbonne and several Conservatoire Music Diplomas. I started teaching music aged 18.
At the age of 24, I moved to Oxford where I carried on teaching (French and Music).
In the early 1990s I attended a Healing Course run by a gifted Spiritual Healer called Les Gillam. Following that course, I was happy just giving healing informally to friends and relatives for years.
As my interest in healing in general was rapidly growing, I qualified as a Holistic Massage Therapist (Oxford School of Massage, 2006), and extended my learning to the related fields of Aromatherapy and Reflexology.
Then  I noticed the word 'Reiki' cropping up everywhere... so I decided to do  Reiki Level 1 and 2 with Reiki Evolution, and completed their Master/Teacher Course in 2007.
I never looked back... Not only did the treatments I gave friends become significantly stronger right from Reiki 1, but I was very impressed with the simplicity yet great effectiveness of the Self-Healing aspect of Reiki.
To illustrate this last point, I would like to share this personal story with you:
In the spring of 2009 I was giving myself Reiki (routinely, for a few minutes several times a day), when I noticed that my right hand kept being drawn to my left breast/armpit and felt very hot - a standard response for places that need healing.
After 3 or 4 weeks of this repeated pattern, I visited my GP and asked her to examine my left breast. She didn't find anything abnormal.
Back home however, things hadn't changed: my hand kept being drawn to the same place and was burning hot, but this time I also noticed that one of the lymph glands in my armpit had swollen up.
I made an urgent second appointment with my GP, said that I was a Reiki practitioner and strongly felt that something was wrong.
Alerted by the swollen gland, she gave me another examination and this time did feel something. As the tumour was an unusual (leaf) shape, even I could not really feel it through touch either. I only picked it up energetically.
A few weeks later the results came back and yes it was cancer, a rare and aggressive form called 'micropapillary'.
During the operation that followed, 6 lymph nodes were routinely removed from my armpit. All full of cancer cells. Not great news...
I was promptly given scans of my whole body. To my astonishment and great relief, although the cancer had obviously started travelling, 'oddly' it hadn't travelled any further than the lymph nodes. No trace of it was found anywhere else in my body...

When I emerged from the operation, being the inveterate 'Reiki explorer' that I am, I took this golden opportunity to investigate the effects of self-Reiki on pain. I told myself I wouldn't be stupid, and would ask for painkillers as soon as I needed them. Well, to my surprise and delight, thanks to -I admit!- very intensive self-Reiki, I didn't need ONE painkiller... Not one, either at the hospital, when the other ladies in the ward were given some every few hours, or during the recovery weeks back home. No pain was felt.

But that wasn't all...
Due to the very aggressive nature of this particular tumour, it was agreed that I would receive chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonal treatment. On the whole I managed to deal with the news relatively well, but one Sunday night, about a week before the start of the chemo, I admitted to myself that I was rather anxious about the chemo part.
Barely a few minutes after this important acknowledgement, I suddenly realised -and announced to my partner- that I didn't have cancer', by which I meant the 'I' that I had spent so long reconnecting to and developing, the 'spiritual I', my spirit, my soul, whatever you like to call it, OF COURSE didn't have cancer..... the cancer was only cells playing havoc in a specific part of my body, and could in no way ever contaminate my Inner Self.....
This simple insight was a turning point in both my personal and professional life as it caused a huge  shift in my whole attitude towards illness. FEAR (the great killer) had simply vanished out of the equation. 
From that moment on, the Soul/Healer part of me was, calmly and lovingly, able to nurture my body going through this poisoning hell
... while the Teacher part of me decided to use this experience and invite my Reiki students to practise on me (in all my bald glory!) and overcome their own fear of this sadly increasingly common illness.
So now you can see why I think so highly of Self-Reiki and why I encourage O.R students to use it regularly. Not only did it, in my case
  • detect the cancer
  • (almost certainly) stop it from spreading any further at the crucial early stages 
  • exceed any of my expectations as a painkiller
  • but even more importantly, it helped me reach an enduring sense of Inner Peace.


If you have any questions/comments, or personal accounts of Reiki healing you would like to share, please feel free to email me at 





   'REIKI for LIFE'

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